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play Toad Jumper

theminty.itch.ioplay Toad Jumper on - Play in your browser

play Frog Teleporter

caterpillargames.itch.ioplay Frog Teleporter on - Teleport all of the frogs away before they ..

play Jump Frog

dotpixelx.itch.ioplay Jump Frog on - Timed overhead frog platformer

play Lickin' Park

phoskryfes.itch.ioplay Lickin' Park on - Lick parts of the park

play Brave Frog!

mohab-mostafa.itch.ioplay Brave Frog! on - Frog simulation

play Frogeat

silversnakegames.itch.ioplay Frogeat on - Play in your browser

play Literature Game

nicoheuser.itch.ioplay Literature Game on - Play in your browser

play The Imitation Game

deithwyr.itch.ioplay The Imitation Game on - For map200

play Calc-A-Frog

ikmalsaid.itch.ioplay Calc-A-Frog on - Educational maths minigame.

play Swampyjump - Jam Version

tsbrt.itch.ioplay Swampyjump - Jam Version on - Arcade one button game about frogz n' swamps

play Froggy Does Not Like Carpets

jellybeangamergames.itch.ioplay Froggy Does Not Like Carpets on - There's a strange frog in your house, hopping ..

play Of Rats And Men

alink17.itch.ioplay Of Rats And Men on - Play in your browser

play Fly Fishin'

vampiredotbat.itch.ioplay Fly Fishin' on - Catch bugs and use them as bait to reel in the ..

play Frogware!

gilel.itch.ioplay Frogware! on - A warioware inspired game about the life cycle ..

play Frogs Forrest

bored-birb.itch.ioplay Frogs Forrest on - Play in your browser

play Frogs

codegarden.itch.ioplay Frogs on - Play in your browser

play Mini Jam: Frogs-Submission

jonshaw01.itch.ioplay Mini Jam: Frogs-Submission on - Can you rescue the princess before you rage ..

play Toad-Al Destruction!

tteachman.itch.ioplay Toad-Al Destruction! on - Battle to see which toad-slinger is the best!

play Tiny Frog Hotel

jorddagreatest.itch.ioplay Tiny Frog Hotel on - Run a hotel for frogs, pay back your loan, ..

play Assaye 1803

yiyuezhuo.itch.ioplay Assaye 1803 on - The battle of assaye, a traditional hex wargame.

play Gambadoo

fava-beans.itch.ioplay Gambadoo on - One button, one screen game

play Tim Is Hungry

alliekatstudio.itch.ioplay Tim Is Hungry on - A game about a hungry frog

play Potion Of Frog

tfwagames.itch.ioplay Potion Of Frog on - Play in your browser