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play Fast Frog

fasttoad.itch.ioplay Fast Frog on - Launch your frog to victory!

play What Happened To The Forg Village?

iamkaffe.itch.ioplay What Happened To The Forg Village? on - They're out...

play 3Di_Heavy_Cruiser_Demo

3di-llc.itch.ioplay 3Di_Heavy_Cruiser_Demo on - For use with perspectacles

play Fireslay!

ollie1616.itch.ioplay Fireslay! on - Play in your browser

play Hops

clementine803.itch.ioplay Hops on - Play in your browser

play These Are Frogs

mauvegrover.itch.ioplay These Are Frogs on - Play in your browser

play A Leap Of Faith

holographicquad.itch.ioplay A Leap Of Faith on - That's all it takes....

play Froggy Attack

lamousse.itch.ioplay Froggy Attack on - Play in your browser

play Leap Frugs

oddanimal.itch.ioplay Leap Frugs on - Frugs who hop together bop together

play Mama Froggy Web

g0ssx.itch.ioplay Mama Froggy Web on - ​at this game you will get the role of froggy ..

play Number Crush

techmask.itch.ioplay Number Crush on - Play in your browser

play Demo Snow Of Spirit [Otome Game, Visual Novel, Dating Sim]

estudiosmlv.itch.ioplay Demo Snow Of Spirit [Otome Game, Visual Novel, Dating Sim] on - Uma romance congelante

play Forest Of Fallen Knights

felrasyr.itch.ioplay Forest Of Fallen Knights on - Explore a cursed forest and learn more about ..

play Atherd

greatcorn.itch.ioplay Atherd on - A prelude to dreath.

play The Patriots : Browser

hammergames-browser.itch.ioplay The Patriots : Browser on - Third person shooter with beautiful low poly ..

play Pullywog

team-bugulon.itch.ioplay Pullywog on - Arcade game with a frog where you pull yourself ..

play Glitch Dungeon

oshawhat.itch.ioplay Glitch Dungeon on - A tsa game

play Frog Jump

luscageek.itch.ioplay Frog Jump on - A frog story

play Croc Hopper

mushkrat.itch.ioplay Croc Hopper on - Basically turtle bridge (minijam 106)

play Froggy Familiars

gladysglitch.itch.ioplay Froggy Familiars on - Step into the shoes of the owner of froggy ..

play Ethereal Heist

ryfi.itch.ioplay Ethereal Heist on - Sneak around and steal the diamond.

play Long And Sticky Tongue

dender46.itch.ioplay Long And Sticky Tongue on - Stick out your super long and sticky tongue!

play Frogleap

corrode15.itch.ioplay Frogleap on - Oh no! looks like mr. bad has kidnapped mr. ..

play Froggo' Fast

staintocton.itch.ioplay Froggo' Fast on - Frog go fast. pretty self explanatory.