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Fast Food Sweetie Report

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Fast Food Sweetie

In a few weeks a new school year will start the last one for our friend, sally. she's going to be a senior this year and she already started to prepare for the most important event of the year: her prom! on this day sally wants to look flawless with her princess-like, floor-sweeping dress, diamond jewelries and hollywood high-heels items which are too expensive for her pocket! instead of asking her parents to pay for them, sally decided to get the money she needs for her stylish prom look getting herself a summer job! well girls, this is sally's very first job, so you can imagine how stressful her first day of work in this fast food restaurant must be...do you know what would surely boost up her confidence and would help her start her first day as a fast food waitress with a big smile on her face? some super fashionable outfits! so girls, let's give sally a helping hand playing the 'fast food sweetie' dress up game and see what chic winning looks we can suggest her. check out sally's wardrobe filled with a variety of chic waitress uniforms, hats to match and colorful accessories and feel free to pick out your favorites to get this dashing waitress girl a super chic, colorful look!

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