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Candy Jar Crisis - Puzzle Mayhem Report

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Candy Jar Crisis - Puzzle Mayhem

*** fun fun games presents - candy jar crisis *** candy jar crisis is a free, fun addicting candy crushing puzzle game, where the aim of the game is to stop the ever falling candy from overflowing the candy jar. once a single candy overflows from the jar, it's game over! **how to play** just tap the candy once to form a crack then continue to crack the same colored candy until you have a large chain then touch any of the cracked candy to set off the chain reaction the larger your chain the bigger the score. if you create multiple large chains in a row you will start to score mega combo points. the longer you play the more colored candy that will be introduced and at an every increasing speed but to aid you in your candy quest to score big are some cool bonus candy. **features** *bright colorful candy graphics that will make you want to pick them off of the screen and eat them! *gamecenter leader boards so you can test your skills against players from all around the world! *simple, intuitive but additive gameplay that will make you keep coming back for more! *super candy power ups that will help you enhance your score. two different modes: normal: starts off slow and casual but soon builds up to a challenging and addicting level hard: throw you in at the deep end in the mist of a candy filled chaos have you got the skills to keep the ever falling candy at bay!

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