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Kids Memory Match: Animal And Their Babies Report

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Kids Memory Match: Animal And Their Babies

Animals and their young ones match memory game is picture matching game learning animals and the name of their young (babies) is a part of developing kids general knowledge. this is required especially for pre-school kids and toddlers in order to qualify in school admission test and quiz competitions. you as a parent may find yourself at fix in teaching your baby all the names of animals and their juniors, but worry not! here comes the end of your agony! the android app animals and their young ones match memory game will help you in converting the teaching session into a playing course. how to play the game 1.playing this matching animal pictures game on your device is like a childs play. it is entertaining for kids and utility teaching tool for you. post download of this animal and their young matching puzzle app you will find three levels of animal and their babies match memory game clues on user interface: these are easy, hard, and medium. on selection of a play level, you will find multiple tabs on your screen. while you will tap on one tab, you will get to see one image of an animal. you have to guess the other tab on which the junior (baby) of the animals image is imprinted. once you will be able to match the pair, the voice prompt will tell you the name of animal. once pair of animal and it baby picture is matched, these two tabs will be auto- removed from the tabs. 2.the objective of the learning animals and young for kids game is to complete the matching of animal pictures as quickly as possible using minimum attempts. this kids learning game utilizes brain skill and thus help in improving memory. before you go for downloading, check the features here: 1. colorful and attractive user interface, 2. multiple-level kids learning game with three levels to play: easy,(6 tabs) medium(10 tabs), and hard(15 tabs), 3. simple one-touch game plan: simply flip the tabs and match the animals and their young ones: this educational game for kids helps in boosting memory, cognition skill, and concentration skill of the users, 4. the music playing at the background of this kids matching game is soothing and stimulating: the voice prompt is encouraging. the clapping at the end of each session is energizing for kids as they appreciate clapping as a sign of applause! 5.the game can be played offline once it is downloaded on your mobile device. download the animals and their young ones match memory game app now and enjoy your kids quick learning graph!

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