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Zombie Sniper X Report

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Zombie Sniper X

Get zombie sniper x - top game for sniper training, today for free ======================================== - aim for the eye for maximum points !! - shoot their heads off !! - collected the heads to unlock weapons !! this is zombie sniper x - a top game for training for sniper style games. your mission is to shoot and kill waves of zombies rampaging through your town, to try and save it. steady aim and precise shooting are essential, but if all else fails, there’s always the minigun and rpg, but beware things will get messy. players who love shooting games or blowing up zombies will have a lot of fun playing this game. amazing, easy to play, graphic and free to download. how to play: to aim, drag the crosshairs with one finger, and tap anywhere on the screen with another finger to shoot. make sure to play using two fingers at the same time, this is a multi touch tap game. shoot the zombies in the eye for a higher score. you can also get a high bonus score when you shoot off the zombies heads. key features: - share your score with friends on facebook - unlock weapons - upgrade weapons - blood splats - leaderboard to compare your score to others worldwide completely free and hours of fun. get zombie sniper x- top training game for sniper style games today. happy gaming :) adamco games

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