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Epic Sea Battle Sub Pirates Report

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Epic Sea Battle Sub Pirates

Warning! the sea is controlled by submarine pirates, under water is deadly, up top, the surf is treacherous. don't plan to play in these waters, sea life wont even survive here. massive attack waves of small subs are deployed by the mega sub command ships leaving an under water path of destruction throughout the globe. you pilot and control a battle sea craft with the most advanced weapons and weaponry ever created to defend against such ruthlessness under the still ocean water. command this sea craft loaded with anti sub mines and bombs to reclaim the waters. at your disposal is the best supply of bombs to destroy the enemy sub pirate invasion. you're in a race for survival. free the world of under sea terror, rescue your scuba divers, earn rewards, keep your engine running and choose the best mine supply for your style of play. game-play is endless, frantic and intense. you're in a race to reduce the terror that dominates the seven seas. epic sea battle is a throwback arcade action game of the 1980's and 90's, but this time, prepare for incredible 3d rendered graphics, countless waves of intense and epic battles, levels upon levels of sub marine command ships in this game as you will be properly challenged. this game is balanced for even the most inexperienced player, or the most dedicated gamers on the planet. repair your craft when damaged and upgrade your arsenal with special functions and fire power destroy the enemy. climb or rule the leader board and cherish your achievements. remember captain; the best defense against an enemy submarine, is to deploy an advanced mine onto one solely for the joy of seeing it descend onto the seabed below. your craft is worthy, are you? epic sea battle is a completely free to play game, but you can purchase upgrades if it becomes too challenging.

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