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Sea Battle - Battleships Report

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Sea Battle - Battleships

★★★ 50% off for a limited time ★★★ ★★★ unique system of sea battle, unused earlier in one game ★★★ support ios 6.0 sea battle - battleships is unique game with the sea battle, an unused not in one game. iphone/ipod app. who from us did not play in the sea battle in our childhood? probably all, but this game will make you look for a new system for sea battles. simple game known for all in which possible to play everywhere, acquired a new look, the style is made in the style as close to the real panel of warships. now military actions will be occur in yours iphone and ipad! • unique system of sea battle, unused earlier in one game. • beautiful schedule. which will help you to feel itself as a part of the ship. • magnificent sound. • global table of records

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