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Dig Dig Treasure Lite - Pirate Gold Hunter Caribbean Island Adventure Report

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Dig Dig Treasure Lite - Pirate Gold Hunter Caribbean Island Adventure

*** download dig dig treasure lite free on itunes! *** time to dig up some buried treasure and hoist out your treasure hunter skills. introducing the fun and addictive game featuring 50 levels of pirate treasure hunter swag. each level has gold coins buried in the sand, your objective is to dig them up racing the clock or else ye walk the plank after ye treasure hunt. how to play: use your iphone as a shovel and while holding onto your device, touch a square patch of beach to dig and make a swooping motion with your iphone or ipod. you'll dig up some good treasure that way. you can swoop dig unto 14 times on each hole. bonus strategy plus, spread throughout the game are bonus bermuda triangle levels where you have one gold coin hidden just under the surface, and only 3 digs to do. are you feeling lucky? special themed levels as if that wasn't enough, every 10th level features a special theme, from piratepedia where you pirate ye wiki articles to my personal favorite, ipirate. forget digging coins, start digging up the real treasure! added bonus: unlock special background themes to add to the adventure full of pirate voices encouraging you on lubber. automatically saves your progress challenge the digging action whenever you have time. after you complete each fast paced level, the gameplay automatically saves your progress. and don't worry about your gameplay getting overwritten if a jolly pirate friend of yours starts a new game, only the highest level is saved, never overwritten by an earlier level. so go ahead, lend your game out, if your buccaneer friends do the work for you, tell 'em to walk the plank. aye, one last thing, lass: if you haven't discovered yet, you can dig a hole up to 14 times. *** download for free on itunes! ***

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