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Dig Hero - Drill Deeper And Deeper Report

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Dig Hero - Drill Deeper And Deeper

√ how to play simply tap the screen to change the direction!! easy and fun to play, yet challenging~! √ welcome to the drill spaceship! to dig deep under the ground, you have to board on this drill spaceship. and avoid the red lasers coming up from the bottom. there's warning lights at the bottom : green lights-> red lights -> red lasers!! it is very hard to survive from the red lasers. but as you know, we are dig hero~!!!! just try to dig deeper and deeper. dig! dig! dig!! remember that the longer you can survive, the deeper you could reach!! √ tips to enjoy dig hero - get coins as many as you can!! : collect more than 15 kinds of cute hero such as king jelly, box man, bad girl and so on with coins. (also, complete facebook missions and get facebook special hero~) - enjoy with your friends! : play and enjoy with your friends to see who can get the deepest score!! try to be the deepest dig hero!!

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