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Hex Pong - Retro Arcade Game Report

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Hex Pong - Retro Arcade Game

Hex pong is a challenging retro game that requires the use of your reflexes and mad skills. swipe left and right to bounce the balls off the wall and keep the ball inside the hexagon. this game may look easier than it really is and certainly takes time to master. plus, just when you think you have mastered the ability to keep one ball inside the hex, test your skills with two balls and it becomes almost impossible. the game features: 1. one ball - hexagon 2. one ball - octagon 3. two balls - hexagon 4. two balls - octagon 5. swipe left and right on the screen to move the hex 6. don't let the balls escape! check out more of our apps at www.avalanchemountainapps.com

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