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Jungle Doctor - Animal Pets And Vet Rescue Game Report

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Jungle Doctor - Animal Pets And Vet Rescue Game

----""jungle doctor""---- treat wounded pets/animals in ""jungle dr."" game choose the animal at the start from the list of available injured animals. jungle dr. gives you a fun feeling and experience of becoming a veterinary doctor and give medical treatment to animals in games. there are four total animals/pets available in the game, snake, panther, lemur, monkey! all free!. once you have selected the pet/animal from the list to play with, than there is a six step process for treating the wounds of these injured animals. step one (1) clean and remove blood from the wound with first-aid spray, then (2) select the appropriate badge from the bandages available and place it on wound. (3) use eye drop to clean the eyes from dust and remove other dirt particles. (4) now use ice to decrease inflammation and swelling from the body. we all know ice can decrease pain. (5) use forceps to remove objects from animal body. (6) use cotton stick to clean the ears of animals.

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