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Diy Attack - Draw It Yourself Game Report

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Diy Attack - Draw It Yourself Game

Diy (draw it yourself) attack - a fun, arcade-style game where you draw the characters, objects and even record your own sound effects. you'll even draw the buttons to start a new game and edit the theme images! tap to shoot where you want and move the character side to side. if you have an image online you'd like to use, you can enter a url to download the image into the app. note: square images with transparent backgrounds work best. you'll draw the... - main character - weapon ammo - special ammo - scrolling background - "bad guys" that you shoot at... or animals you feed or bankers you pay, etc. sound effects don't escape your clutches either. record your own pew-pew (shot) and explosions! and if you're into music, send me some options to replace the theme/background music. ;) future features include sharing themes with other players and using the camera for images in your theme! write with feedback, suggestions, advice, good jokes (but only good ones) to diyattack@brainwashinc.com fyi: this app started out as "space turtle" so that's why the default main character is still a turtle. ;) amaze your friends with that insider info!

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