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Doc Stuffies - Kids Plush Doctor Free Report

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Doc Stuffies - Kids Plush Doctor Free

Doc stuffies is a fun kids game where you can take care of 6 different hilarious, popular, and cute stuffed animals in a prize filled game! choose from over 6 of them including: grumpy cat, draco the dragon, babs the bear, munch the pink bunny, fritz the orange fox, dee the dolly, and olly the owl! no need to worry about any cat claws, or claw - these are cute, friendly, and furry pets awaiting your treatment, and as the doctor in the house, it is your job to clean them up! all of them have dirty, grime, gum, missing parts, and need your help to make them as shiny and new as they originally were! use a brush to scrub gum away, sew loose stitching back together, add missing eyes and noses, and patch up anything that requires patching up with a colorful medley of material! replace batteries, and watch them come to life when all the tasks are complete!! your prize is the completion of the tasks, and head on over to the candy laboratory where you can place fun stickers, food, cupcakes, treats, and desserts on your stuffies to make them extra happy! wonderful for kids, intuitive interface, and easy to use touch controls make this game a must have in your kids library of games!! chock full of prizes, stickers, and fun interactive gameplay! doc stuffies - kids toy doctor features include: • features over 7 unique and gorgeous, illustrated stuffed animals in need of repair including a dragon, bear, bunny, grumpy cat, fox, owl, and doll - treat them as doc stuffie! • cute animations and toy box make this game come to life in this imaginative kids doctor game! • variety of tools to master including the sewing kit, patches, eye and nose replacement, gum removal and more!! • stickers, candy and a medley of things to decorate your stuffies with at the end of the game! • easy to use interface - any kid can pick up and play this game and pretend they are a toy doctor in real life!!

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