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Simon Says Jump Report

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Simon Says Jump

This fun single player or multiplayer app based on the classic game simon says. simon says jump encourages exercise as each action involves physical activity. to begin, connect your ipod touch or iphone to external speakers. this allows all players to easily hear what simon says. then, one player will choose from one of three levels. those three levels are easy, medium, and hard. the easy level speaks phrases slower and has more time between phrases which is ideal for really young players. the medium level speaks somewhat faster and has less time between phrases. the hard level speaks fast and has very little time between phrases. if you hear a beep sound after a phrase, it reminds all players of what simon did not say thus possibly eliminating some players from the game. the game continues until one player is left alone having followed simons directions exactly. a unique feature of simon says jump is that each time you play the game, it will be completely different as it randomly chooses game phrases. please rate this app and/or write reviews if you like it.

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