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Chinese Food Maker - Super Chefs! Report

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Chinese Food Maker - Super Chefs!

- become a chinese food chef and start cooking amazing snacks! - make noodles, rice, dumplings and more. - great for kids and kids of all ages! grab your chef's hat, it's time to start cooking some amazing and delicious chinese food! chinese food party is an amazing cooking app for kids that lets anyone create real chinese dishes from scratch. make sumptuous noodles, cook some rice, make dumplings and much more. it's easy to build your very own chinese food meal from scratch. just pick up a wok and start cooking, chef! making delicious chinese party food is easier than you think. make your own dumplings, noodles, stir fry, fried rice and more, all from one convenient location! each meal starts by choosing your favorite ingredients. are noodles and rice your thing? how about a tasty pork or chicken stir fry? make anything you can imagine, you're the chef, after all! after the cooking is complete, kids can put their chinese food on a plate and let the decoration begin. add fun toppings to each dish to make them look as tasty as they are. or keep it simple and sprinkle on some soy sauce for that authentic flavor. no matter what you make, no matter how you make it, and no matter what kind of toppings you decorate the meal with, you're guaranteed to have a lot of fun creating your own chinese food meals from scratch! features: - start cooking delicious chinese food right away! - make rice, stir fry, noodles, dumplings and more. - decorate each meal and share it with your friends. - perfect for kids to learn about being a food chef! how to play: - use the touch screen to choose ingredients for your meal. - cook each one in a real kitchen one by one. - combine and decorate the meal with all sorts of toppings. - eat and enjoy! ________________________ join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/cooking-entertainment-ltd/1585867451634161 follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/cookentertain get to know more about studio on our website: www.cookingentertainment.net ......................................................................................... more fun cooking games from our partners! see it here: http://www.kidsfoodinc.com/ join our partners facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/kids-food-games-inc/587789347993498 follow them on twitter: https://twitter.com/kidsfoodgamesin

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