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Chlory : Enemy Rush Report

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Chlory : Enemy Rush

Thank you so much for your support and a huge success on chlory: prologue. papaya apps comes back again with another highly addictive survival action puzzle chlory series, chlory: enemy rush. chlory is about to start another challenging journey to protect beautiful ocean from all the contaminated: peepee, angry, greasy and nuke. once again, you are to control chlory, a green cell, that is armed with chlorophyll power, a spherical chlorella, which is the main protector of the ocean. your task is to clean up all that infected in the ocean made by mankind. 5 chapters with 105 levels total, three game modes(normal, king mode & defense mode) 5 characters, 4 hidden power skills, diverse and enjoyable soundtrack are waiting for you in the game. chlory: enemy rush already grabbed numerous game makers’ attentions with great expectations. you might think that “chlory: enemy rush” is just another stereotypical simple smartphone game, but “booms” who joined as a beta tester said it is beyond the classic smartphone game. and “booms” warned those who are interested in this game to be aware of difficulty of the game. if you don’t believe what “booms” said? then, come on and play and prove to “booms” that he is wrong! just like the old sayings, don’t judge book by its cover! ##### genre ##### strategic smartphone touch arcade ##### game mission ##### defeat all the contaminated & recover chlory’s habitat using chlory tentacle powers. ##### how to play ##### the goal of “chlory: enemy rush” is to clear out those enemies’ invasions in the ocean by using green colored character called “chlory”. if you make the enemy’s number to “zero”, then you will become “chlory”. for your information, the number next to each character represents the strengths or the power of each character. the basic game strategies are “drag”: if you connect the characters, you can either attack the enemies or help your friend or ally. “cut”: if you disconnect the lines between characters, you can move the power quickly. ##### hot tip! ##### if you connect “chlory” with as many “chlory” as you can, then there is a good chance that you will win. if “chlory: enemy rush” is too complicated for you, then start using your four hidden “sunlight” skills. instruction is that you click the skill button and use the skill as you needed. eavesdropping from those people who played the game, there was no single person who survived through the last chapter yet. if you are the one, who think they might be the winner, be aware! “omg this is so much fun five stars.” “perfect game for time killing and charging the brain.” ‘liked plague? then you will love this awesomely addictive game.’ website: http://papayacompany.com/chlory2

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