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Chocolate Rabbits: Tap & Pop Easter Strategy Report

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Chocolate Rabbits: Tap & Pop Easter Strategy

These chocolate rabbits are too smart for the easter basket! instead, you'll need to think your way through the forest and briar patch as you try to pop four different chocolate rabbits in the least amount of screen taps as possible. each time a rabbit "pops," chocolate syrup will travel up, down, left and right on your screen and pop (or promote) nearby rabbits. however, there's a "catch!" some chocolate rabbits will require more than 1 tap in order to pop. how to play "chocolate rabbits: tap & pop easter strategy:" tap the chocolate rabbits wearing the black hat once to pop them. each time a rabbit pops, chocolate syrup will spread out on the screen and will help pop nearby rabbits. pop all the chocolate rabbits on your screen and advance to the next level. if you fail to pop all the rabbits on your screen, you can start over until you figure out the pattern required to advance! as you advance, each level contains more rabbits and different types of rabbits that require multiple taps. for example, rabbits wearing white hats need to be tapped twice in order to explode! one tap - or one touch by a nearby exploding rabbit - "promotes" the white hat rabbit into a black hat rabbit, etc. this makes the game more challenging! chocolate rabbits wearing black hats need one tap. rabbits wearing white hats need two taps. brown and white rabbits need three taps. chocolate rabbits (with no hats) need four taps. there are multiple chapters as well! at the chapter screen, swipe "left" to move to chapters 2, 3, etc. each chapter contains more levels! earn "hints" that can be used when you need a little help solving the puzzle. more hints are available for purchase in packs of four hints or 12 hints. "chocolate rabbits: tap & pop easter strategy" details: - great puzzle game. - addicting play. - fun music during game. - silly graphics. - game description has been translated into several languages. - game center enabled. beat the high scores! - additional hints can be purchased in packs of four (4) or 12. - additional chapters can be unlocked through a single purchase. - "remove ads" feature is also available for a single purchase. you can follow us on social media for new games and updates. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mountainwoodsmedia twitter: @mtnwoodsmedia questions? find us on facebook!

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