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Rugby Attack Report

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Rugby Attack

Love rugby? want to create that perfect try scoring play? -----then 'rugby attack' is for you!!----- use all your rugby knowledge to draw the opposition defenders out of position, open up a gap, and then spin out that perfectly weighted pass to put your player through to score! try time!!! ### gameplay ### starting against lowly namibia (sorry namibia!), you have 5 attempts to score 3 tries. manage this and you unlock the next team and so forth. each team is a step-up in difficulty with different defensive systems, speeds and tries required. finishing with the potentially 'unbeatable' (we'll let you determine that!) 'all-stars' team. ### control system ### using a simple 'line drawing' control system, move your attacking players in any direction you wish, drawing in the defence and opening up gaps. you can control the speed of your players allowing you to send your 'flyer' storming through that gap you've just created in the defensive line. simple left and right pass buttons to pass the ball to your teammates. pass buttons are only available when a pass is on, so no 'forward passes' allowed! ### tutorial ### new to rugby? not sure how to draw defenders, open up gaps or when to time your passes? don't worry, our in-app and facebook tutorials (static screen and video) will make sure we get you up and scoring tries in no time! the game is designed to be enjoyable and challenging. ### features overview### 1) simple control system to move your players and pass the ball: ----- move your players in any direction. ----- control your players speed. ----- when available, simply pass the ball. 2) test your ability, novice to expert, with 21 different defensive set-ups: ----- various defensive systems, honey-pot, blitz, drift. ----- various defensive speeds, from slow to lightening! ----- various defensive numbers, from 2 to 5. 3) play against all 20 teams competing at the rugby world cup 2015 and an 'all-stars' team: ----- each team has a different defensive set-up and number of 'try's' needed to progress. 4) game centre integration with leaderboard and achievements: ----- are you able to unlock all the achievements and top the leaderboard? ----- challenge your friends....who's the best?! 5) tutorials: ----- in-app static screens. ----- facebook page video and static screens: https://www.facebook.com/rugbyattack.

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