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Wwii Gunnery Report

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Wwii Gunnery

November 1942, as a newly graduated officer, you have been assigned to command a newly formed regiment. during the process of the war, your regiment will be composed by artilleries, anti-tank guns, rocket launchers, tanks and bombers. you are going to participate in most of the important operations of wwii. creative gameplay *classic top-down strategy point of view with tower defence elements. *you deploys artilleries on battlefields, manually controls them to destroy waves of incoming enemies. tanks and bombers will also under your command, to strike where you want. physics *buildings can be destroyed and fall into ruins, tanks explode and their wrecks fly into sky. *you also need to take advantage of physics: antitank guns’ shells fly straight and fast, whilst howitzers’ ballistic is curve, which makes shells fly over high obstacles. rocket launchers are capable of spread rockets like rain and cover a big part of battlefield. multiple operations and missions *5 historical battles selected from wwii west line campaign: operation torch, operation hasky, operation overlord, battle of bugle, and invasion of germany. there also will be soviet and third reich campaigns in the upcoming updates. *over 30 missions brings you through all kinds of scenes: desert, woods, snow land, european towns, and bunker defence on siegfried line. historical war machines *30 types of howitzers, antitank guns, rocket launcher, tanks and aircrafts can be controlled by you. *enemy armies will be formed by foot soldiers, armoured vehicles, tanks and field artilleries. fearsome weapons like tiger, karl-graet mortar and maus are going to fight against you! game center *3 leaderboards and 44 achievements are waiting to be accomplished!

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