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Pocket Zombie

"tamagotchi meets 28 days later" --game informer the free zombie girlfriend charity pack is here, featuring: jessica chobot, ign chad concelmo, destructoid meagan marie, game informer liz enthusiasm, freezepop each zombie girlfriend has their own mode with unique special abilities, original music tracks, and 20 stages of fast-paced, non-stop anti-survival action. if you enjoy the app, please check out each of the four charities and help those in need! ------------------------------------------- have you ever wanted to control your own flesh-eating virtual pet? well now you can! it's time for the zombies to get revenge! with new "pocket zombie" for the iphone and ipod touch, devouring panic-stricken survivors has never been easier! your pet zombie comes equipped with the latest in brain-matriculating features, including: strategic touch action! your pet zombie follows a strict diet of brains, brains, and more brains! wait until the humans try to sneak by your zombie when he's sleeping, then spring your trap and tag them in the order you'd like them to be eaten! make sure to feed your pet zombie often or else it will eventually starve and die...again. other features: >kill combos and wave bonuses >fat zombie >upgrade your pet zombies >zombie apocalypse super attack >four colorful seasons >zombie puppy >five zombie girlfriends! =========================================== 1.2 update includes: 1. thriller costume for your zombie! 2. fast-paced "anti-survival" mode! 3. celebrity zombie girlfriends! 4. achievements, leaderboards, and more! =========================================== troubleshooting: 1. jailbroken devices may have issues playing games such as pocket zombie. 2. if the game crashes at the startup screen your device may be low on memory. turn it off and then on again to empty the cache. 3. when all else fails, contact us directly and we will work with you to find a solution!

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