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Drawing Crisis - Monster Sweeper Game Report

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Drawing Crisis - Monster Sweeper Game

Drawing crisis is a monster sweeper game where you, the monster sweeper, have to sweep all drawing monsters that may appear on the papers. and you only have very limited time to clear the monsters on each level (see tips below to sweep faster!). but be careful, the outlined hollow monsters are actually mines you should never touch! if you ever touched any of the hollow mines, the game is over! also, every 2 or 3 stages, you will come across some mega aliens and ultimately the big boss - lord of black! see if you can defeat them all! features: - 8 progressive stages with 16 levels per stage, plus; - sound alert when time is running out; - multi-touch allows you to attack several doodle monsters at once; - intermediate "boss" stages with mega monsters; - ultimate "boss" stage; - doodle styled graphics; - sign (instead of typing) your name for new high score. tips: you only have very limited time to clear the monsters on each level. when you hear the "alert sound", you have only about 1 second remaining. so, see the tips below to attack faster: - don't just use one finger to attack the monsters... that's way too slow... - don't forget your iphone / ipod touch is capable of multi-touch! just tap on several monsters with you fingers at once! - holding the iphone/ipod on hand and play with both thumbs may be faster... but not fast enough... so, put your ipod/iphone on the table and attack with up to five fingers with both hands. enjoy!!

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