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Board – Free Educational For Kids, Toddlers & Children – Age 2+ – Funny Puzzles & Shapes Learning App – Monsters Band Report

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Board – Free Educational For Kids, Toddlers & Children – Age 2+ – Funny Puzzles & Shapes Learning App – Monsters Band

The best kids’ app according to appsmama.com. your children will have great fun and develop their skills while playing the memorymonsters game, doing the puzzle or answering the fun questions in our quiz. app included in the moms with apps program* app officially recommended by the program smart academy. ** highlighted by apple as new and noteworthy ** “the ipad and iphone are made for kids thanks to games like monsters band” – elchupete.com “it’s a fun, safe app, which is free from ads, rip-offs and other complications. just perfect for kids! ” – appsmama.com board games – monsters band contains 3 games in the same app: memorymonsters the classic pair-matching game has been adapted for mobile devices to help boost your child’s attention span and memory. three levels of difficulty. puzzle kids develop their observation skills by finding out what the monsters band do in their spare time. quiz the original monsters band game features 10 questions, helping children to improve their attention span. includes more than 40 separate questions, with audio and subtitles. there is also a sticker album as kids play the games, they earn points that can be used to unlock monsters band stickers for their album. - information for parents parental controls we have included some messages that appear whenever your child wants to access parts of the app set aside for parents. these parts are: - in-app purchase - access to the “parents’ information” window - access to the mb games screen where other games from the monsters band series appear. unlocking games the memorymonsters game is always available. the puzzle and quiz games are available in demo mode, with a maximum of 3 games each. once these demo games have been used up, the games are locked and must be purchased through the app. player registration there is no need to register a player to play monsters band games. however, registration is necessary in order to build up points and earn stickers for the album. registration is very simple as all you need is a user name and a photo or avatar. player registration has been set up so that various players can use the same device to play and earn their own separate points and stickers. privacy it is very important to note that player information (name, score and photo) is not shared between devices or on any social networks. we fully understand that kids' educational games should not contain any of these options. please review the privacy policy for more information. the game is available in spanish, catalan and english and the language can be changed at any time via the “options” button. enjoy the full monsters band experience by downloading the other app from the same series: world of puzzles – monsters band. * we are members of moms with apps because we take the privacy in educational apps seriously. more information about the program in www.momswithapps.com thank you for giving your children the opportunity to play games from the monsters band series. please send any comments, suggestions or queries to hello@latroupe.st.

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