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Monster Busters: Hexa Blast Report

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Monster Busters: Hexa Blast

▶ over 400 stages, each episode with different concept of challenge ▶ fantastic adventure as climbing up the monster tower ▶ fresh new and unique ideas on hexa that’s only seen here ▶ very challenging to make you competitive but definitely doable ▶ fun playing to share with friends; give each other free lives monster busters: hexa blast is a brilliant puzzle game which is brand new yet familiar match 3 style with a hexagonal twist. match three or more of same colored monsters to defeat them to save gingerbread friends on a board composed of hexagons. take on different missions to save our friends and fight against various types of enemies who keep bothering you. challenging boss fights will bring you the memorable experience and even more the interesting and rewarding fun. explore the monster tower and find out the mysterious passage to the secret hidden world. play now monster busters: hexa blast with your friends to share the entertaining fun! defeat bad monsters and save gingerbread friends! begin your adventure now! "a different concept to monster busters! i do love both games! the best match 3 games on the net! love the challenge!" - l. j. wood "addictive, can’t get enough of trying to outwit all the obstacles thrown at us. keep the wheels turning in planning steps ahead!" - r. kersten "it’s addictive. i have turned several friends on to this game. this game keeps your mind moving!" - m. terrill "i love it! a challenging and fast moving puzzle game." - j. masemer "hexa is a brilliant twist to the fun match 3 puzzle game, monster busters." - y. ashfield. "it’s very highly addictive! have to use your cleverness with the diagonal moves!" - c. parker "love both monster busters but hexa blast is so much more challenging." - s. doyle-mcfadden "it’s addictive. fun for all ages puzzle game. works your brain and makes you think before acting." - b. brown "addictive, challenging, all the fun of the original monster busters but with a hexa twist to it." - t. deacy "this puzzle game is most enjoyable for its hexa format. it gives challenge to all players." - c. farhan "hexa makes it more interesting because of the different options in the way you can match." - d. heginbotham "i love the hexa format. it’s just the challenge my brain needs. totally different and very addictive." - l. liversedge "the hexa shape is a great twist on the classic match 3 game." - d. sitter "my favorite match 3 puzzle game of all time." - e. rodgers

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