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Coach Jay'S Chess Academy! Report

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Coach Jay'S Chess Academy!

"coach jay is amazing! he takes so many students from beginner to tournament ready!" -international chess master armen ambartsoumian (coach of the u.s.a. world youth chess team) learn to play chess for free with coach jay, who has taught chess to over 35,000 kids! don't just learn how the pieces move, learn how to think like a chess player! here's how coach jay's chess academy works: a new chess concept is introduced and then a series of puzzles follow, each of increasing difficulty. by the time you've finished the chess puzzles and practiced the concept, a new chess lesson is introduced. by breaking the puzzles up into levels, you'll practice not just checkmate puzzles, but defense, endgame, strategy and tactics! by the time you've made it through all 150 fun lessons and 1250+ tricky chess puzzles, you'll be tournament ready! plus unlock the white and yellow belts and enjoy over 150 lessons and 1250 tricky chess puzzles! master all five chess disciplines to become a well-rounded chess player! including: checkmate: in-your-face mate, sacrifice bait, diagonal and knight mates, combo mates and more! defense: escaping check, deflections, saving moves and more! endgame: passed pawns, the buddy system, zugzwang & opposition, and more! strategy: smart capture, openings, pawn chains, knight outposts and more! tactics: forks, pins, skewers, x-ray attacks, discoveries and more! coach jays chess academy has been tested with hundreds of kids and adults and is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to go from absolute beginner to tournament ready. it's not just for kids! so put your chess practice into overdrive! check you later! coach jay

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