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Turtle Rescue Free - The Best Brick Breaker Game For All Ages Report

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Turtle Rescue Free - The Best Brick Breaker Game For All Ages

For better gaming experience, please update your ios to 6.1.2 best game to play with your kids! a brand new brick breaker game you’ve ever seen. your kids will love the story and the graphics. besides, have fun with your kids in the competition mode! brief story there was a turtle town on a little island, turtles live in happy lives there. since the population grows turtles start to build new houses. but one day, when everybody went out for quarrying, there were 5 monsters intruded the island and separate it into 5 territories. they destroyed the turtle town, caught little turtles and enslave them. evil rulers love statues, yes they do! as a result, little turtle was forced to build statues for them, they will eat little turtles who don’t obey them… on one day, a turtle called terry stand out, he is planning a revolution: to destroy evil statues, to rescue all young turtles and to rebuild the turtle town again! how he is gonna make it? will he succeed? let’s join the game and find out. about the game turtle rescue is a brick breaking game. there are many animal statues on the island, destroy all of them. when you break a statue, bricks will fall on the ground, and there will be some young turtles come to pick up these bricks. every 6th level, there is a monster. when the monster is beaten, young turtles will use the bricks they collected to build architecture on the territory. the coins you collected in very level could be used in the shop which is an airship fly around the island. in the shop, there are weapons and power-ups for you to buy. with these weapons and power-ups, it will be easier for you to break bricks and beat monsters. and the turtle rescue is the only a few of brick breaking games that has competition mode in the app store. the rule is simple, who break the most bricks in a level, who is the winner. and each player needs to catch his/her own ball and the competitor’s ball. otherwise, the player will be penalized. any power-downs the player takes will effect on the competitor. features ==================== 1)creative competition mode 2)35 power-ups & power-downs 3)50 levels in the competition mode 4)30 levels in the story mode (30 fantastic animal brick statues) 5)5 a mazing levels of boss fight 6)9 amazing bricks: ice, fire, wood, chees, stone, redbrick, cake, metal, gold 7)original sound track and sound effects 8)game auto save a perfect choice for kids and family

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