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Fruity Smoothies! - Make Frozen Ice Drinks Report

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Fruity Smoothies! - Make Frozen Ice Drinks

Blend your own healthy green drinks with your very own virtual smoothie machine! making smoothies is the easiest way for kids to start cooking healthy. start from scratch and blend many different ingredients into a tasty drink kids of all ages will enjoy. fruits, vegetables, greens and more, anything that's healthy goes in a smoothie. let's get to cooking! to make a healthy green drink, start with some healthy green veggies! toss in your favorite kinds, then choose some fruits to blend in with the mix. fruits are healthy, too, and they make the drinks taste great for kids. once the ingredients are in place, turn the machine on and let the cooking begin. the blending machine chops everything up into a smooth green drink you can tip up and enjoy right away! features: - create your own healthy green smoothies from scratch. - run a virtual blender machine to chop everything up. - toss in veggies, fruits, greens and more. - a fun cooking game for kids that teaches healthy eating habits! how to play: - turn on the machine and assemble your ingredients. - add veggies, fruits and greens one by one. - blend them up into a smooth green drink. - drink up and enjoy! join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/kids-for-games-inc/882156055145398 follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/kidsforgames know more about kids for games at our official website: http://www.kidsgomedia.com/

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