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My Little Pet - Sweet Puppy :) Report

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My Little Pet - Sweet Puppy :)

So many cute dogs! look at them run around and play! with my little pet - sweet puppy, you get to run your own pet day care and makeover salon for adorable little dogs. feed them, give them baths, play with them and give them cute dresses to wear. the best kind of salon is a salon that's full of cute dogs, and this one's got so many you won't know which one to play with first! taking care of a pet starts with a good bath. scrub the dirt off of the dogs using soap and a brush. don't worry, cute dogs love to get clean! dry the puppy off and take them into the salon for their full makeover. dress the dogs up in cute outfits and little doggy hats. anything you like, they'll wear! once the salon makeover is complete, take your dogs outside and give them something to eat. with their bellies full and the makeover finished, it's time to play! features: - dress up different dogs in cute outfits. - bathe, feed, clean and care for each new pet. - play with happy dogs in your salon, too! - features a fun music game to play with your pets. how to play: - use the touch screen to choose a puppy to care for. - feed them, bathe them, dress them up in cute outfits. - take each puppy outside for play time! join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/igirl-entertainment/708898655851072follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/igirlenterknow more about us at our official website: http://www.igirlentertainment.com/

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