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Ark Of Noise - Noah'S Quest Report

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Ark Of Noise - Noah'S Quest

Join noah's magical journey, and help him to pair the animal passengers of his ark! the recovery of the traditional story, in a new, charming app for children of age 0-120! this unique, cute app is a memory game for recognizing sounds! your child can discover the voice of animals by opening the boxes and revealing the animals through the sound what they make! your child will get education and entertainment by developing their focus, concentration, audio and visual skills, yet have lots of fun! this app will become fast your child's favourite with its lovely, heartwarming graphics and subtle humour! ark of noise has such a simple, easy to use menu, that your child can play even on his own! storyline your child can discover the original story of noah’s ark wrapped in a sweet game environment. as soon as noah enters his ship, the animals must be paired by opening their boxes and recognising their voice. memory game the game has ten levels. you can trace your advance by checking the menu, and look at the playful details. after opening a level, your child can replay it as many times, as he or she wishes. ark of noise educates the children, it is simple, offers the joy of success, yet it holds their attentions. by training their memory, they will be able to play more and more levels, where the difficulty of the game grows. the parents have the possibility to play with their child, and not only enjoy the game, but have also great conversations about animals, nature, and even tradition. spending quality family time is more fun, then ever! noah's animal collection you can find here all the animals, which you have won on each level. discover the collection by tapping on the tenants! xylophone play your own songs by playing the flasks! use your creativity and gain skills in companying music! features • easy and fun to play suitable for kids age 0-7 • memory game with animal sounds • holds attention • story mode or free to play • make your own song with the xylophone • with the famous song: l'cha dodi • keeps children and adults entertained the soundtrack of the game is 'lecha dodi', song by the abayudaya jews of uganda, from the album "shalom everybody everywhere!". the creators of the game want to thank hereby to the kulanu organisation to provide the copyright of the song!

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