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Sum Gems - Match 2 Report

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Sum Gems - Match 2

Simple and fun with strategic depth. sum gems is easy to learn but difficult to master and very hard to put down. welcome to the match 2 genre! sum gems is a new experience while still feeling familiar to your favourite gem matching puzzle games. you will be hooked immediately! easy to learn * join two gems together by swiping two of the same numbered gems together. * create a line of the same numbered gems to destroy the line. * get points for every gem you merge or line you destroy. * 5 difficulty levels. find the style that suits you best. enjoy endless fun matching gems together and go for a high score. sum gems caters to the skill level you are comfortable with. the beginner difficulty is great to get started, you can take as long as you want planning all of your moves. if you prefer to have to think and react quickly, try the expert level and see how long you can last before gems fill the screen! submit your score to the online leaderboards and see how you match up to others from around the world! download today to join in the fun!

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