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Please: write to info@geomago.com for any question; do not rely on the review space here that is not monitored. play on-line and off-line buraco without any registration. with guarantee of terminating all matches, thanks to the options for automated playing. featuring the most advanced ai engine. features: - one application to play on iphone, ipad, ipod touch - you can use the same nickname from multiple devices or multiple nicknames from one device (your friends and relatives can play with the same app still maintaining separated identities) - tables with 2, 3 or 4 players (in offline mode, other players are robot) - matches with 1, 2, 3, 4 games or to 2005 points - option to allow/disallow the semiclean buraco - the most advanced automated playing engine: you robot opponents will always be good buraco players - you can interrupt and resume any match at your will - statistics for each player and for the whole system - zoom functions for ease of use on iphone and ipod - functions for automatic ordering of cards in hand and for manual ordering - choose your avatar (icon) in a set of 20 - 3 different choices for card faces - buraco's and user's guides included - the game is based on the italian rules online matches: - the computer temporary replaces any player that disconnects (either voluntarily or not) by playing in his place, so that all matches can go to their natural end - if you lost the connection, you can retry at will and succeed in resuming the game, even if the match has gone on without you for a while; or, you can quit trying and continue your local copy of the match by playing with robots in the place of your unreachable opponents. - each player can reenter the match even if disconnected for a long while (in the meanwhile the computer has made moves in his place) - a chat allows you to send and receive message with the other players - you can use emoticons to express yourself - the creator of a table can put robots in the empty p osition of the table, if he do not like waiting for other players - the table creator can reserve his teammate sit to a given nickname - list and search available tables with filtering criteria (match duration, nicknames, table number, option for semi cleanburaco) - to play online no registration is neede, but if you want to play more than 3 online matches per day, you have to buy the "unlimited online matches" option. that option is valid forever; the number of off-line matches (against the computer) is unlimited for everyone and does not require any purchase.

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