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Nonogram Frvr

If you love classic logic puzzle games such as sudoku then you will adore nonogram frvr. this challenging game of logic will test your mental ability and tickle your brain. each level consists of a tiled playing board - at the edge of each column and row there are a sequence of numbers - these numbers denote how many tiles should be lit. a single number represents an adjacent sequence of lit tiles i.e. a umber two would mean two tiles in that row or column have to be lit next to each other. two numbers mean that there are two separate groups of tiles that are non adjacent. for example, a one and a two would mean that there is a single lit tile on its own, and two adjacent lit tiles. once you have solved a row or a column, it will become faded. you have a total of three wrong answers with the third ending the level. fear not - the question mark provides hints if you get stuck! how will your brain cope with the baffling logic of nonogram frvr? how to play nonogram frvrlight the tiles according to the numberstwo numbers in a line, for example 2 and 3, that means you can light grouped tiles that consist of 2 and 3 tiles, but the groups can't be side by sideif there is only one number, you must light the tiles only in adjacent squarescontrolsleft click to light the tile.

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