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Squid Simulator: Underwater Animal Life 3D Report

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Squid Simulator: Underwater Animal Life 3D

Become one the most interesting creature of the ocean-land – squid! explore beautiful surroundings of an underwater world filled with different aquatic plants, fish, and cruel predators! check our squid simulator: underwater animal life 3d and have fun! enjoy your free swimming, chase different fish and cruel sharks, because you’re a true predator! hunt them accurately and don’t forget that they can fight you back! mind your health, hunger and energy indicators – if one of them drops, you may suddenly find yourself with several tentacles in the deep grave! dip into the life of the wonderful squid and have fun playing squid simulator: underwater animal life 3d! discover fantastic water of the world ocean, meet with other squids, make friends with them or fight – this choice is up to you! live the whole life of this strange underwater creature from the little and weak larvae to the adult and wise one! find your mate and have the opportunity to create your own family and raise your little spawn! earn points for your successful surviving skills and unlock new colorful skins for your super underwater creature – check various like japanese flying squid, architeuthis, european squid, antarctic cranch squid (like a true kraken) and glass squid! level up your skills and buy some power-ups to improve them and become the best squid in the ocean! squid simulator: underwater animal life 3d features: • ultimate giant squid (but not kraken) simulator • colorful skins for your underwater beast • chance to raise little larvae of squid – your own spawn • amazing 3d graphics explore the ocean water, fight with predators, mate with other squids, create your own family and have fun playing squid simulator: underwater animal life 3d! are your tentacles naughty enough?oceanic,world,predator,swim,shark,fighting,raise,spawn,krakens,european,survival,giant,naughty,depth

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