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Spy Agent Commando Report

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Spy Agent Commando

Demolish you enemy forces with a stealth attack and make their weapons useless. go silently and infiltrate their base. use your sneaky skills and avoid the radars because getting caught is not even an option for you soldier! yes! it is a unique blend of army action based games with commando adventure, bringing to you a brand new concept of secret services agent operations. welcome to the secret agent's arena who spies and drives under the radar, moving to locations around the enemy areas to complete secret army missions. agent shadow jill you have been recruited and trained by army secret service agency to assure the security of your land. be a spy and operate under the radar, complete secret agent missions hit tougher or get arrested in stimulating spy stealth games. train yourself as elite spy for stealth missions, parade quickly move and sneak skills to destroy enemy army base. plant the bomb and move from shadow to shadow to strike enemies with lethal force. features: • smooth and easy controls to navigate and infiltrate. • smart enemy soldier ai can take agent down in seconds. • awesome enemy army base to destroy and make it useless. • sneaking amination of agent make the game interesting. • furious missions to explode different installations of enemy. • various missions and strategies to be stealth and secret agent.

TagsAdventure Simulation Entertainment Games

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