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Guess The 4 Pics 1 Song Quiz Report

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Guess The 4 Pics 1 Song Quiz

:):)simple and highly addictive song puzzle game:):) each puzzle contains four pictures that have one song in common between them. what is it? can you guess what the song is? this game is a very highly addictive and surprisingly simple game without any unnecessary registrations and complicated rules. 4 pictures that have 1 song in common – what is it? find out why everyone loves this game and join the fun now! all the pictures have been handpicked to match the song perfectly to enhance the player experience. an amazing word puzzle game for all you word and puzzle game lovers. so why wait? play now and have fun! - simple, instant fun! no registration required. super easy to get started. enjoy the puzzle fun immediately. - addictive, big fun! hundreds of the famous people are waiting. you've seen them on tv, movies, books and magazines. but can you recognize them from our funny images? join the game now! - earn free point for correct answers - get help from your friends on twitter and facebook, email - use point to get hints when stuck - 20 free point are included at startup *****hints******* if you are blocked and you don't know the answer for a pics, don't give up! use one of the hints that each pics has! **hint type** there are 3 type of hints 1) single hint - show one right character of puzzle 2) 50 50 hint - hide 1/2 puzzle options 3) magic hint - solved whole puzzle - 3 hints can be used for each pics. ******ask your friends********* if after using all the hints, you still don't know the answer, don't worry! you can always ask your friends through twitter or facebook,email, and complete the missing ones with them! enjoy for free and have fun with guess the song quiz! *******disclaimer: *************** all images are properties of their respective owners. any content will be removed if asked by the legal owners.

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