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Black Friday Shopping Mall Report

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Black Friday Shopping Mall

Treat yourself to black friday fun by playing shopping games where there is a lot dressing up, styling, makeup, and beauty care. embrace yourself for a mega black friday sale! enjoy your day in shopping mall plus salon and spa for black friday sale offer! show your shopaholic fashionista side and be a master of teen beauty! now simply relax by shopping in exciting black friday shopping games! download this fun filled shopping spree black friday game now for the relaxing of your life! the game play is very simple. just enter the shopping mall and go shopping in different shops to master your fashion. fill your shopping cart with different shopping black friday sale things! visit fashion shop and buy beautiful dresses and try them in dressing rooms! see how many shopping shop centres there are! take all sort of dressing material like pants, skirts, shirts etc. there is also a jewellery shop, go there too. there is also girls doll shop in shopping mall world where you can get amazing and cute girls doll, have a lot of fun in the shopping mall!! the black friday special shopping mall world also includes a beauty spa salon. there are lots of black friday option to choose from in the beauty spa salon for example relaxing black friday sale body spa salon, facial spa salon, back spa salon and foot spa salon. enjoy the comfort of black friday sale spa in fun games for girls! next you can go to black friday sale special beauty shop where you can shop and chose different cosmetics and many more beauty care products. you can apply free black friday sale try makeup on your face. and even better black friday sale shopping mall offer is you can go to the hair salon and get different hair style. the black friday sale shopping mall also includes a food court from where you can buy different foods such as fast food like burgers, fries, pizza, sandwich, and deserts like cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and many more but black friday sale only offers self-services in the food court. when you are finally done with black friday sale shopping mall shopping spree go to the shopping mall checkout counter and pay your bills of your amazing shopping mall black friday sale shopping spree!!! you can pay for black friday sale shopping spree with either cash or card. if there is some damage in black friday sale shopping you can also help repair the damage! like clean or help sort the fashion dressing in order! when you do that you can unlock more black friday sale shopping malls with more dressing, makeover makeup, facial beauty shop and teen beauty shop!! enjoy the black friday sale shopping free by downloading this fashion, salon and spa shopping game!! *****feature***** • get all the latest fashion dressing and style • get beauty care spa salon service • get to do makeover with makeup in games for girls • multiple styling beauty fashion items • there are also window shopping options  • very pretty model jewellery items • take pictures in your phone of your fashion, styling, dressing, makeover, spa and salon and show to friends! bill paying on counter options!!

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