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Hexa Gem Crush Report

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Hexa Gem Crush

Easy rule but unlimited pattern and unlimited fun! enjoy one minute of endless match fun for free! are you tired of matching three candy or spreading jelly? “hexa gem crush” is a tetris style exciting block puzzle game, but far more challenging. easy to play, hard to master, and pleasurable game for all ages. move blocks to fill up the line and collect gems to level up! how to play • drag the piece blocks to move them. • try to place pieces into a straight line. • blocks can't be rotated. • don't worry! no time limits! no step limits! you can also tap the block, and then tap target position to put it down. hexa gem crush is a very challenging game. boost your fun with locks, iron pieces, and direction limit pieces, and so on. • eliminate the next line to eliminate the lock. • eliminate the direction restricted piece by eliminating the specified direction at the same time. • the iron piece can't be eliminated. • the gold ore piece needs to be eliminated three times. you can play offline in anytime. hexa gem crush is completely free to play but some optional props will need payment. any props are not required to pass through the level! you can continue a failed level by watching advertisements. but advertisements do not appear on their own.

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