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Salvage Guns (.Io) Report

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Salvage Guns (.Io)

Salvage guns.io is another epic multiplayer io game in which you must try and conquer a barren and desolate arena. you can choose from either a tank or a truck as your vehicle of choice and you must work hard to survive in the arena and eliminate other players. you must gather salvage littered on the ground to gain experience points - you can then use these points to unlock new vehicles, weapons and accessories. the controls are simple - use the wasd keys to move your vehicle and use the left click mouse button to shoot. watch out for other vehicles and also watch out for the heavily armored train that passes through the map at certain intervals - you can hijack this train for additional salvage. this game is a heap of fun and is a cool new io title that offers something different! release datefebruary 2018 developersalvage guns (.io) was developed by jefawk. features intense .io game in which you can control a tank that is specialized in combat or a truck that is specialized in gathering resources collect other players' wreckage to earn profit and experience a heavily defended train that is constantly pass through the arena that you can shoot to get some wreckages level system to access more stronger vehicles and weapons platformweb browser controls use wasd or arrow keys to drive press left mouse button to shoot

TagsTank Battle Multiplayer Train Weapon Html5 .Io

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