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Tanks Action: 3D Epic War Report

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Tanks Action: 3D Epic War

The only thing can protect you is the steel of brave. response call of duty, defeat the player from other country. conquer everything you've saw. ===features=== ▼battle with world▼ i am the king of the world!!! 30 people national war open everyday, against to other country elite in real time, fight for your country, to be the king of the world!! ▼reduction tanks during world war ii▼ you can build high definition famous tanks such as german 『king tiger』, american『m26 pershing』, russian sfsr『t34』, england『fv 214 conqueror』, france『amx-50』under your commander. ▼build your own iron empire▼ conquer your enemy plunder their resource and use it to build your own empire with the powerful tank for the ultimate victory. ▼setup your formation▼ formulate your army, command them in battlefield to leader the victory. ▼conquer your enemy▼ face your cruelest enemy in the arena. defeat them! slave them all! ===point system=== ※general:collect well-know general during world war ii. ※uniform:different features of uniform with the different country. ※tank:research & build powerful tank, command them in the battlefield ※building:diversification resource to assign building or researching ※formation:setup your army's formation, command them in the battlefield. ※plunder:i come, i see, i conquer, who can be the last one in the field.

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