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Meteor V Rope Report

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Meteor V Rope

In such a colorful space, alone!! you are all alone in space. spaceship alpha keeps you alive. but you are in a dangerous space zone which you all surrounded by meteors. you should defend your ship. luckily, spaceship alpha has astonishing skills for a ship. you can access only one clamp for starter. by passing levels, you will be able to summon spaceship alpha's the protecting green (ship's energy armor) and access more clamps. you can grab some meteors with clamps and destroy others with them. each meteor has different strength to harm others and durability properties. green bottle gives a meteor more strength, durability and size. so don't miss green bottles when you grabbed a meteor. if you destroy meteors when clamps in green circle (which is perfect range), you will get extra points. each level has a target meteor count to destroy. if you can't reach target meteor count, you will not able to pass level. meteors' speed increases in each level, so does target meteor count. you can collect coins & revivers from space. you will be able to revive spaceship alpha as long as you have a reviver or 250 coins. gameplay controls: - tap & hold to right side of screen to extend clamp's rope. - tap & hold to left side of screen to restrict clamp's rope.


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