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Dgaming wallet is the best crypto wallet for gamers. tailored specifically from gamers for gamers, dgaming wallet is a solution to manage cryptocurrencies and in-game assets. use a faster way to create your own crypto wallet. manage multiple cryptocurrencies, such as ethereum (eth) and more cryptocurrencies that are to follow. exchange the dgaming wallet allows you to store your assets in a convenient place so they’re ready for your next gaming adventure. with the dgaming wallet, you can: - create your own wallet or restore an existing one - purchase in-game assets - securely store erc721 & erc20 tokenized assets - securely store cryptocurrencies such as eth - track your crypto balance at the current fiat rate - send assets and ethereum instantly to anyone in the world - request payments in cryptocurrencies with ease (includes qr code support) the dgaming wallet is the perfect tool to help you take advantage of the true ownership mechanics in dgames. collect be an owner of unique assets! store your assets and cryptocurrency securely in one place. inventory is where erc20 tokens and erc721 collectibles are displayed in a clear and user-friendly manner. unlike in traditional games, you have true ownership over your assets. the dgaming wallet helps you store them safely in the inventory. the notifications will keep you up to date with your inventory and once you have received an in-game asset, you will be notified right away. for feedback and assistance, you can reach us at info@dgaming.com


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