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Lucky Store

Can you really become rich with only luck? this game is one of a kind. .the store makes money even when you are offline. .no more farming to kidnap you from rl. win the grand prize at the slot machine and use it all on your employees. .bully your friends or rivals with the outstanding employees you cultivate. .enjoy the game with your friends as much as possible as vendor trade will bring you so much fun. .play the game with your kids. this game is suitable for kids and also enjoyable. .you have 100% freedom to decorate your store, or feel free to create a luxurious outlet with other players. .you will never be alone here because you will meet so many good friends and maybe even your prince/ princess charming. .strange it may sound, but you actually can bully the customers as much as you want! try this unique game and join us!

TagsSimulation Family Games Social Networking

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