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Picross Bonbon Nonograms Report

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Picross Bonbon Nonograms

It’s time to unwind with the sweetest adventure you've ever been on! judith, the charming owner of a small sweets van, and her loyal assistant toby are planning a round-the-world journey! no challenge is too great for these two. they'll drive their van up the tallest mountains, into the deepest canyons, cross oceans and see the most wonderful treats the world has to offer! but they can't do it without you! so if you haven't packed your backpack yet, hurry up! the sweet van won't wait! picross bonbon nonograms is an exciting and intellectual challenge for fans of griddlers, puzzles, sweets and globe-spanning adventures! level after level, watch as your completed griddlers come alive and shine with bright colors! 5 continents and 160 sweet levels to complete fantastic training for logical and abstract thinking earn various trophies and a multitude of sweets stunning illustrations and pleasant music over 30 hours of exciting gameplay!

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