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Unpark Me

Unpark me is a stress-filled puzzle game.  driving is the right of every able-bodied person in the world. first, you earn your license and then you take on the open road. but, what about parking. stomping down on an accelerator is easy, but trying to negotiate the complexities of a busy parking lot filled with people who have no sense of spatial reasoning can be almost impossible. what if you could rise above it all, look down, and use your eerie powers to manipulate the cars yourself? thus ensuring that everyone moved at once in the more pro fashion so that you could exist smoothly and without much fuss? that is the general concept of this game. you just want to go but it requires that you clear a path through a crowded parking lot.  the faster you can unscramble these cars faster you can leave the parking lot and get home to your favorite devices. leave no stone unturned in your search for an exit, its a big world out there and you wouldn't want to miss out on all the excitement because you were trapped in a parking garage somewhere.


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