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Unikitty Rainbow Swap Report

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Unikitty Rainbow Swap

The doom lords are attacking unikitty’s rainbow-colored kingdom and the adorable pink brick-build kitty figure could use your help to protect it. are you ready to join an epic battle driven by the simple rules of an easy to play match 3 game? then come and get started with the unikitty rainbow swap puzzle game for girls, put your swapping skills to the test, and help your favorite character to defend her amazing kingdom. this online war between good and evil features 55 fun levels and as you advance in it, the level of difficulty also increases. to win each battle, you simply have to align the given symbols, at least three at the same time, aiming to will the power gauge in as few moves as possible. once it’s full, you can then launch a powerful attack against your opponent… this way, victory is guaranteed. have a blast playing this colorful puzzle game for girls online at dressupwho.com!

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