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Mini Royale 2 Io Report

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Mini Royale 2 Io

Mini royale 2 is a battle royale fps game. set on small-medium sized maps, you’re dropped into the action by parachute and must find resources to fight other players. as with any battle royale game, stay within the circle, and look for the best gear! mini royale 2 is the sequel to mini royale. game modes battle royale start a game and select your deployment location on the map. control your player and land in a spot where you think you’ll have a tactical advantage! but make sure you land somewhere near loot too. search buildings to find the best gear and take down all the other players until no-one else is left. the last man standing wins the battle. capture the flag capture the flag is a newer game mode in mini royale 2. this is a close-quarters game mode where players work tactically to get the enemy flag and bring it back to their base. when you die, you lose the flag, giving the enemy team an opportunity to reclaim it, so teamwork is essential! in-game items weapons there’s plenty of weapons to select in mini royale 2, and each one has a unique advantage. at the start of capture the flag, you’ll be able to choose any weapon you want, from sniper rifles to an ak47 and uzi. however, in battle royale, you’ll have to take what you can find. cosmetic as well as being able to use a range of weapons and gadgets, players that create an account will be given access to cosmetic add-ons like new skins, hats, and emotes. you can buy cosmetic crates in the shop using gold, which you can earn for free by watching ads and following mini royale 2 on social media.

TagsArmy First Person Shooter Gun 3D Killing Mouse Skill Free 1 Player Html5 Touchscreen Shooting Action

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