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Ragdoll Soccer 2 Player Report

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Ragdoll Soccer 2 Player

Ragdoll soccer 2 player is a funny ragdoll swing football game for 2 players in which you have to swing your character in order to hit a ball right into the goal. this free online game on silvergames.com offers you a very interesting twist to one of the most popular sports in human history, as you will play just as if you were the amazing spider man. start swinging from a rope to move towards the ball. you can release your rope and use a new one to change your position, just like peter parker or some random ninja would do. be careful, these ragdolls are a bit too fragile, so they will easily tear apart if you smack them against the walls. play by yourself or challenge a friend to play on the same computer. have fun playing this free online game ragdoll soccer 2 player!

Tags2 Player Ball Football Fun Soccer Ragdoll Games For Kids Free Kick

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