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Rope Bowling 2 Report

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Rope Bowling 2

Rope bowling 2 is a fascinating platform puzzle game with the mind blowing twist of having to play bowling by cutting ropes. have you ever played games where you have to cut the rope to eat candies or hit other objects? this cool free online game combines it with bowling, a sport played by millions of people world wide. read more ..in regular bowling, you would have to throw a large, heavy ball in order to hit the pins on the other side of the alley. here, you will have two helpful little tools: one is a pair of scissors, to cut the rope holding the balls. the other one is gravity, to make the balls float in the air. amazing, right? play bowling like a mad scientist and strike all the pins level after level. have fun playing rope bowling 2, a free online game on silvergames.com!

TagsBall Physics Bowling Rope Cutting

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