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Vampire game in the world's mythology, vampires are scary blood loving creatures who live in the darkness and detaste the light. the region of famous romanian region transilvania was the home of the most famous vampires in the world. vampires are always intriguing for filmmakers who put on screen scary stories. but, can you imagine a different kind of vampire, who simply doesn't want humans blood, but needs a company. that gives these creatures s bit of human dimension. imagine a scary looking vampire dressed in long black clothes with red colored insight and huge and sharp teeth who actually doesn't want any blood or victimes,but wants to play. his destiny wanted so that he was left alone in the old castle for centuries. today's player is trapped in the vampire gilbert's property. gilbert is the last vampire in the kingdom of the blood fans. our player is trapped into vampires' castle, he is horrified and bags for mercy. gilbert lives all alone for centuries and simply needs a company. that's why very often he traps someone from the close village just to keep him company and have a conversation. he promised our player that he wouldn't do him any harm, and that he would release him. but, first of all,his principle condition was for our player to accept playing one favorite game of gilbert. he loves hiding objects in his property and if the guest wants to be released, he has to find all the hidden objects around. the pursuit of the objects starts and the vampire is very happy with his company. let us see who will manage to save its head and go back to village and who will stay a little bit longer at gilbert's place.


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