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Hollywood-Sellout Report

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Hollywood sellout everything that is connected to the famous movie stars, especially their private life is interesting for millions of people worldwide. whatever they do, who they are dating, where have they bought big houses, or cheated their partners, all of that seems to be the best selling news in the newspapers and on the internet. especially, when they are expecting a child, and than you get to follow their pregnancy from month to month, how did it quick, how did the actress stand the whole situation. you simply learn more about them, then about someone very close to you. and, the prices and the interest becomes even bigger, when some movie or rock star passes away. than, everything around him/her, all of his/hers things, objects, instruments, clothes, all of sudden become very important and high prized. and than, the auction houses are very happy, because they know that it is time to make some money, actually, some good money! and usually it is paradoxically, some of those people didn't live so rich and nice, but after dying their prize becomes tremendous. we all know famous dutch example vincent van gogh, he lived so poor and miserable, with having the chance to sell one single painting during lifetime, and look at the situation today � he is one of the best selling painters in the history, and his most expensive piece of art was sold $152, 'the portrait of dr.gachet'. jessica and fred are professional sellers. they have been invited by a humanitarian organization to be present and to be included in the possible sell for this year of the personal objects of famous hollywood stars. our player has the role of their assistant and he/she will have to serve the numerous buyers that came today on this manifestation. the money from the selling are going to be donated in humanitarian purpose. this is not a difficult task to be asked, don't you think?


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